Our Promise

At Vaughan Children’s Dentistry, we strive to exceed your expectations. Many parents do not know what to expect, especially with their child’s first visit. By the time that the appointment is over, most parents are surprised with how well their child cooperated and how positive the visit was.

Parents often tell us that their children are excited to return to our office and we are very happy to receive this feedback.

We strongly believe that you, the parent, have an essential role in your children’s oral health. We pride ourselves in our ability to explain the nature of any dental concerns and treatment options available. We value your questions and opinions, and we welcome your presence in the room during your child’s treatment.

Looking for an Appointment


What to expect for your first visit

We are currently accepting new patients and do not require a referral.

We are excited to meet you! During your first visit, we will assess your child’s current dental condition and provide recommendations to optimize your child’s oral health. For most children, this includes a professional dental cleaning. If any dental x-rays are needed, we will discuss this with you first.

If you have been referred to our practice by your family or general dentist

Your consultation will include a review of your child’s previous medical and dental treatment, and a review of previous x-rays, if taken. Our doctors will complete a comprehensive dental and oral assessment, take any necessary x-rays, and meet with you in private to discuss treatment options.

Get comfortable!

Please let us know your child’s interests. We can have their favourite TV show playing in the treatment room before they arrive!

Why choose a pediatric specialist

Pediatric dentistry is the specialty that encompasses treatment of children from infancy through adolescence. After four years of completing the dental school curriculum, pediatric dentists have an additional two to three years of training to become specialists.

Specialty education includes child psychology, behavior management, sedation, and treatment of children who are medically complex and/or developmentally delayed.

Choosing to see a pediatric specialist for dentistry is like choosing a pediatrician as your child’s doctor

In Canada, all dental specialists must be registered with the Royal College of Dentists of Canada (RCDC).